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Our Story

We not only honor every ingredient chosen specially for each of our culinary delights, but we also aspire to tantalize all five of our patrons’ senses. We offer a true authentic “made-from-scratch” culinary experience that pays homage to each ingredient in our recipes.

Each of our Copper Crust recipes have been inspired by the tastes and aromas from culinary meccas like Portugal, Italy, France, New York City and Washington DC. Graduating from the Culinary Institute of America in New York City, Sean and Nicole Austin, the husband and wife team, owners and head chefs of The Copper Crust Company, spent time traveling. During our travels, we spent extended amounts of time cooking with local chefs … learning to prepare the flavor profiles and special techniques of the region. These flavors and techniques inspired us and that inspiration is what every patron tastes when they enjoy the offerings prepared at The Copper Crust.

When you enter The Copper Crust … you become a part of our family!

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